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about ithenticate

iThenticate is an online plagiarism detection software tool that screens documents (including among others, proposals, manuscripts, dissertations and thesis, journals, etc.) against millions of published documents available through the Internet and multiple web-based databases.

iThenticate use ensures compliance with federal, state, and institutional requirements relating to the responsible and ethical conduct of research, maintains public trust, and aids in the prevention of plagiarism allegations. Publication companies and funding agencies such as the National Science Foundation (NSF) and select DHHS agencies (among others), use iThenticate to screen submitted proposals for plagiarism.

iThenticate is not a repository database. Documents uploaded through UCF user accounts cannot be accessed by iThenticate company personnel. The iThenticate user license agreement prevents iThenticate from having access to or use of technology, ideas or proprietary data contained in the submitted documents.

ithenticate USE at ucf

Research Proposals

  • Principal Investigators (PI) are required to submit proposals for review by iThenticate prior to proposal submission to the sponsoring agency, excluding proposal types which are exempt from such review as outlined on this site.

  • PIs should utilize iThenticate when proposal content contains a new statement of work or research and development, attributions, citations, quoted material, facts, endnotes, footnotes, paraphrases, images, algorithms, formulas, and intellectual property from sources other than their original content.
See notifications below for iThenticate proposal review requirements at UCF.
ORC Campus email (Sept. 2012) to Faculty Researchers - PRIOR Proposal Review - iThenticate
ORC Memo (April 2011) to Research Investigators - iThenticate [REFERENCE ONLY]


  • iThenticate review must be coordinated through a Faculty Advisor.  Refer to Turnitin for review of student papers, exams, or book publication efforts.

iThenticate - originality checking and IP verification access

Automatic Access

  • Uploading by the PI through the ARGIS Proposal Transmittal Form (PTF) “Certs & Review” tab under Research Misconduct Certification.

Manual Access

  • Uploading of the proposal directly in iThenticate.   PIs and Faculty Advisors may request iThenticate accounts by email to Accounts are activated by ORC’s Research Integrity Compliance office M-F during normal business hours.  Notification of account activations will be sent from and iThenticate.   

ithenticate instructions

Please refer to the iThenticate User Manual for detailed use instructions.

  • Upload readable proposal file. (Scanned copies are not readable files.)

  • Obtain the “Similarity Report Index” to review system results.
    To avoid duplication (self-plagiarism) citing your authored content from previously published works is recommended.

  • Complete information required on the PTF ”Certs and Review” tab under Research Misconduct Certification (name of uploaded document, date of review, and certification).

proposal TYPEs exempt from ithenticate review

The following may be considered exempt from iThenticate review at UCF:

Continuation Proposal
Fellowship Proposal/Agreement

Intergovernmental Personnel Agreement (IPA)
Internship Program
Purchase Order

Service Administrative Analysis Program
Service Agreement

Sponsor Provides 100% of the Statement of Work
Account Only (i.e. salary cap, balance, matching)

Florida High Tech Corridor Council (FHTTC) Proposal

Documentation of iThenticate Exemption in the PTF by Principal Investigator
If an exemption listed above is applicable to the proposal, the type should be documented by the PI in the Proposal Transmittal Form (PTF) by following the instructions below:

  • Open the Certs & Review Tab in the PTF
  • Select: “Upload proposal manually to iThenticate”
  • Enter “Exempt” and list the exemption proposal type (i.e. Internship Program, Service Agreement) under Exempt Proposal Types
  • Enter date when completing the certification
  • Enter “Yes” to certify tht the contents of the proposal have not been fabricated, falsified, or plagiarized.

For additional questions relating to exemptions, contact prior to proposal submission.

ORC/RIC Updated 5/2017