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about ithenticate

iThenticate is an online plagiarism detection technology that allows the uploading of documents (including among others, proposals, manuscripts, thesis, journals, etc.), and screens them against millions of published documents available through the Internet and multiple web-based databases. Use of iThenticate for a thesis/dissertation should be coordinated through a Faculty Advisor.  The Faculty Advisor is responsible for submitting the thesis/dissertation to iThenticate for review.
Note: iThenticate is NOT for student papers, exams, or book publication efforts.

iThenticate will preserve the confidentiality of the user’s information by keeping his/her documents in a folder created by the user for his/her use only, and, as applicable, by the ORC’s authorized administrators responsible for the management of responsible conduct of research efforts at UCF.

iThenticate is used by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to check for instances of plagiarism in submitted proposals, as well as by other federal agencies and institutions of higher education who encourage or require their investigators to screen their proposals before submission to the sponsor.


Click here for Information about the new automatic proposal uploading option from the PTF site (effective 12/02/2013).


  • This method requires direct logging directly into iThenticate by the investigator.
  • UCF grants “free-of-charge” access to the iThenticate system by investigators.
  • Registration to the iThenticate system is required for UCF users.
  • The Office of Research & Commercialization (ORC)’s  RM Program staff will process registration to iThenticate to UCF investigators. If you are a first time user in need of a new iThenticate account, please submit a request to
  • In the event that you have forgotten your password, the iThenticate account can be reactivated by the RM Program staff,  please submit a request to
  • Once the registration process is completed by the ORC staff, your will receive an e-mail from the iThenticate customer support group including instructions on how to login to the system and a temporary password to access the system. You will be prompted to change the temporary password to one of your own.
  • Now you are ready to login to iThenticate. Please go to:
  • When you access iThenticate to login into the system, please DO NOT SIGN UP FOR AN ACCOUNT ON iTHENTICATE under the “LOG IN” screen question: “Don’t have an account? Sign up now.” (see below for reference)

  • Follow instructions provided in the e-mail sent by the iThenticate system (to the e-mail address used by the RM Program staff member to process the activation or reactivation of your iThenticate account(unless otherwise noted, it should be your UCF e-mail address), and access the system to process proposal review and obtain the  “Similarity Report Index” applicable to your proposal.

Why is it important that you review your proposal through iThenticate?

  • To ensure compliance with federal, state and institutional requirements relating to the responsible and ethical conduct of research.
  • To maintain public trust in the fields of science and engineering, as well as all other sponsored program activities supporting any other research discipline.
  • To prevent the receipt at UCF of allegations of research misconduct by any university employee.


For additional information on this subject, please send an e-mail to or contact the following ORC staff members:

Ms. Griselle Báez-Muñoz (,
Ms. Sara N. Waugh (,
Ms. Paula Seigler (, or
Mr. Douglas Backman, Director of Compliance (